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Meet Shannelle + Brandi
Sunna HQ


After University Shannelle found herself putting her hands in a little bit of everything, always with a burning desire to live life on her own terms. She hustled with side gigs galore, operating her own graphic design company and decided to add all natural mobile spray tanning to her already full schedule. This is when her love of spray tanning really began. With a love for natural products, she saw a niche in Organic/Natural custom airbrush tanning that was missing in the Canadian Market. In the last 10 years Shannelle has sold franchises also known as OrganicTan, Built a product line SunnaTan, Co-Owned a full service beauty boutique that housed over 12 employees. As a true visionary, she saw another niche in the market and started SunnaSmile. However her best decision in 10 years was bringing on a Partner.


Meet Brandi Tindall. Brandi Tindall left University to work at the bank as a small business advisor. After a ‘mid life crisis’ of feeling choked by the restrictions of the 9-5 while raising her young family, she knew there had to be more. With a love of business, the beauty industry & safe tanning, the universe introduced her to Shannelle. Shortly after, Brandi quit the bank and launched her own sunless tanning business under SunnaTan’s umbrella. After quickly becoming the most successful tanning store using Sunna Products she decided to sell and joined Sunna Full time as a partner. With all of that being said we have walked in your shoes. We are women just like you, fearlessly devoted to living a life of freedom, passion and purpose. We can’t wait to share our experiences, tips, tricks and opportunities with you. Join us, won’t you?