3 Steps to a Flawless Glow

Here’s our top tips to getting that perfect summer glow, without the sun.

1.  Perfect Prep

How you prep for your tan is the most important step to guarantee easy application, flawless results and an even better fade.
It starts by using the right exfoliation product.
NEVER use sugar or salt exfoliants as often these contain oils. Avoid oil based products before your tan. Oil & essential oils will block the tanning ingredient from developing evenly.
For the perfect prep, use SunnaTan’s Buff Me exfoliating mitt. Forget drug store exfoliating gloves, you will be shocked at how this re-useable mitt buffs your skin with just water. Pay extra attention to elbows, knees and feet. For glowing skin all year round, use this mitt weekly and ALWAYS before self-tanning.
Allow your skin to dry completely and do not apply lotion on your body before self-tanning.

2. Self-Tan Application

First, choose your self-tanner. SunnaTan has 4 options based on your tanning preference. Our self-tanners are designed for all skin types and are buildable. The more you apply, the darker the tan result. We recommend starting off with a small amount of product on your first application. 


ALWAYS have the Tan Me Self Tanning Mitt or Blending brush ready.

ALWAYS apply a small amount of SunnaTan Hydrate Me lotion to hands, elbows, knees and feet before starting.

Next, apply tanner, starting and finishing with one body part at a time. Example: Left leg, Right leg, Bum, stomach, back, Left Arm, Right Arm, Chest, Face & Neck.

ALWAYS Leave hands & feet until last.

NEVER apply tanner directly to knees, elbows, hands and feet.

Work the tanner in a circular motion around the areas to avoid. When you’ve applied the product over the area, use your mitt or brush to gently blend the left over tanner from your mitt & skin over the elbows & knees.

Blend, blend, blend. If you’ve exfoliated properly, you cannot blend enough!

Perfect hands & feet are achieved when you take the leftover product that’s on your mitt/brush, ‘pulling’ down the self-tanner from your arm on to your hand and your legs onto your feet.

3. Rinse & Hydrate

ALWAYS rinse off following the development times on your tanner.
NEVER use foaming body washes or washes with ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate & synthetic fragrances.
ALWAYS moisturize after showering with tan safe moisturizers like SunnaTan hydrate me which is guaranteed to not strip your tan. .
Moisturize 2X per day for the duration of your tan.


Enjoy your flawless glow!

If we have missed any of your favourite tips or still have questions, contact us!

 XO SunnaTan